The Quartzene project is divided into the following 5 work packages (WPs):


The objective of WP1 is to manage the project according to the project plan and to meet a successful completion of the project.

The objective of WP2 is to validate the ground-breaking and patented manufacturing process that should lower cost by 70-90%. The goal is to verify this cost reduction when scaling up the production process to approx. 450 ton/year (i.e. 20-25% of a full scale). This size was determined as optimal during an analysis funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency in 2014. WP2 will be the foundation for the trials and demonstrations performed in WP3.

The objective of WP3 is to perform final tests with 4 end-users in three (3) application areas: 1) thermal insulation products for buildings and other constructed facilities, 2) thermal insulation of cellulose based food packaging products, and 3) thermal insulation of thin surface treatments/coatings for the automotive industry. A test will run for 1 – 4 weeks each and the set-up and design of them will be conducted in close cooperation with the target user. The goal is to validate material performance in an operational environment. WP3 (together with WP2) will lay the foundation for the finalisation of an investor ready business plan in WP5.

The objective of WP4 is to disseminate and communicate the project’s results to chosen target groups. Through efficient communication with the industry stakeholders the commercialization and go-to-market strategy (in WP5) will be strengthened.

The objective of WP5 is to refine and finalise the elaborated business plan that was drafted during 2014 with the goal to produce an “investor-ready” business plan, including go-to-market strategy, for full scale commercialisation of Quartzene® (post-project) in the insulation sector.