aerogel_twitter loggaSvenska Aerogel AB is a research and development company that commercializes a patented version of the material aerogel in various applications. The commercialization is done in close cooperation with industrial partners representing different key business areas.

Svenska Aerogel has worked closely with a number of potential users during the development of Quartzene®. The reason is that the material can and will be produced according to different “recipes”, depending on each customer’s requirements. It has therefore been very important for them to ensure that the material properties are the most suitable for them and this will now be validated a final time in the Quartzene project.

The Quartzene project will include trials with four potential customers focusing on three (3) application areas: 1) thermal insulation products for buildings and other constructed facilities, 2) thermal insulation of cellulose based food packaging products, and 3) thermal insulation of thin surface treatments/coatings for the automotive industry. The four customers represent important segments of the insulation industry that Svenska Aerogel has determined as very interesting from a commercial perspective.

Company A: is interested in creating a new product generation where bound in aerogel-like powder particles helps lower the conductivity towards the region of still air, i.e. 25 – 26 mW/m·K; this while keeping cost low and highly important properties like reaction to fire unchanged.

Company B: is interested in improving the thermal insulation of foamed concrete. The company operates both outdoors and indoors with their foamed concrete generators which puts specific requirements on the feeder equipment to transport the Quartzene powder concreate mixer.

Company C: will use Quartzene as thermal insulation in disposable food containers. The tests performed so far have indicated very good results by mixing an amount of the Quartzene paste (i.e. the intermediate stage of material before final drying) with the cellulose slurry to form the cups.

Company D: is interested in improving their surface treatments/coatings through improved thermal insulation and surface temperatures for the automotive industry.